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Linux Malware: The Truth About This Growing Threat [Updated] - Malware as a Business

Malware as a Business

The malware market is rapidly expanding and evolving, forcing the security industry to keep pace. The success of this market drives rapid innovation - perpetuating growth and encouraging further malicious activity. Threat actors are creating and utilizing increasingly agile and sophisticated malware strains in their attacks, challenging security engineers to build stronger defenses against them. Traditional antivirus software is no longer effective in detecting and combating advanced, modern exploits. Protecting against today’s sophisticated malware attacks requires a comprehensive, defense-in-depth approach to digital security.

According to Verizon, 92.4 percent of malware is delivered via email. Thus, an effective email security strategy is imperative in preventing dangerous and costly infections. Malware is a serious threat to all businesses - an infection can result in significant downtime, recovery costs and reputation damage. Small businesses face a heightened risk because they often lack the resources and funding necessary to support a full-time IT department. 

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides fully-managed, multi-layered email protection against malware, phishing and other persistent email-borne threats. Through a transparent, collaborative open-source approach to software development, Guardian Digital is able to access resources and tools from an innovative global community in a way that no other vendor can. This approach, combined with decades worth of industry experience and engineering expertise, enables Guardian Digital to offer flexible enterprise-grade solutions to businesses of all sizes at competitive prices.

Key benefits of EnGarde’s protection include:

  • Advanced real-time defenses against social engineering and impersonation attacks 
  • Email encryption and sender authentication protocols detect fake From addresses and block them automatically
  • Neutralizes threats associated with malicious attachments and links 
  • Scalable cloud-based system simplifies deployment and increases availability
  • Tighter security, adaptive implementation and eliminated risk of vendor lock-in through the use of a community-powered open-source approach to software development
  • Professional engineering services - Guardian Digital expert engineers take the time to learn about each clients’ key assets, operations and specific needs 
  • Passionate, knowledgeable around-the-clock customer support services