How to configure firewalld rules in Linux


Learn how to add, remove, enable, and disable firewalld rules & zones in this guide.

The firewall is essential for controlling the flow of network traffic in and out of the Linux server.

It enables users to control incoming network traffic on host machines by defining a set of firewall rules.

It must be enabled on production servers facing the Internet, to protect those servers from unauthorized access.

This is one of those security features that ensures your system security at network level.


Deploying A Content Filtering Proxy Server To Distribute Controlled Internet Access With SafeSquid


A content filtering proxy server, helps distribute Internet access while providing control to the administrators over the content delivered. It is usually used in organizations or schools to ensure that Internet usage conforms to the local acceptable use policy. A content filtering proxy must necessarily accommodate the demands of granular rules for Internet access privileges and restrictions across an enterprise. Here's a quick step-by-step guide on setting up a proxy server. It's great to have such functionality freely available. But like all tools, how much knowledge do you think you need to make it work consistently and effectively?