23.Tablet Connections

Learn how to get a secure, private and portable OS with Tails. "If you want a safe and private operating system here you have one of the best. And transportable anywhere in a pocket, connectable by USB in millions of computers, without having to modify anything in the host system (if you don’t want to) and without leaving a trace once you finish."

Carrying a secure operating system in your pocket is possible thanks to developments such as Tails and USB formats in “Live” format and self-starting that we can use in multiple tasks and in all types of equipment.

A great option since its operation is independent of the operating system that the PC has where we connect it, Windows, macOS or Linux, running directly from the external medium without having to install anything on the internal storage unit and thus without affecting the system main installed. And another advantage. Taking into account the very wide adoption of a port such as USB, its potential use includes tens of millions of computers in all types of formats and almost any type of hardware.