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    LinuxSecurity.com is the community's central source for information on Linux and open source security. We follow the open source trends as they affect the community. We produce content that appeals to administrators, developers, home users, and security professionals.

    Having created a site that satisfies the needs of both IT professionals - including engineers, programmers, designers and system administrators - and those individuals seeking to learn more about security and open source, LinuxSecurity.com has grown to encompass not only this website but also two leading industry email newsletters, Linux Security Newsletter and Security Advisories Weekly. With more than 16,000 subscribers, these newsletters represent yet another opportunity to help further the advocacy and adoption of Linux by users everywhere.

    LinuxSecurity.com is owned and maintained by Guardian Digital. As a proud member and contributor to the Linux community, Guardian Digital devotes the site's advertising revenues to covering the costs of maintaining the site to ensure access to LinuxSecurity.com will always be freely available to everyone.


    Our Feature Writers

    Linuxsecurity.com is very happy to include these writers as a part of the Linuxsecurity team:

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    Brittany Day

    Brittany is a passionate, committed content creator and social media manager for LinuxSecurity.com. Brittany aims to write and promote content that provides value to everyone, regardless of their career or familiarity with Linux, and that raises awareness of the many advantages that open source offers.

    Brittany earned a BS in General Science at University of Oregon. Aside from social media and writing, Brittany's passions include spending time with family and friends, bodybuilding, fashion and music.

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    Anthony Pell

    Anthony's love for Linux started in about 2010, when he first installed Ubuntu on his desktop. He specializes in in reviewing security technology -- firewalls, intrusion detection, mobile devices -- plus other software, antivirus/antispam tools, embedded, and apps.

    In addition to reviews, Anthony also writes in-depth evaluations and comparisons between similar products, features, interviews, news and trend pieces, tips and how-tos, lists, gift guides, slideshows, columns, and opinion pieces.

    Anthony is just as comfortable writing for a tech-savvy audience as he is for mainstream/lifestyle audiences who aren't as technical but still need straightforward, knowledgeable advice.

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    Andrew Sheridan

    Mr. Sheridan is a web design and software developer who uses the power of open source as a competitive advantage. Always available to his clients and consistently providing "out of the box" solutions to assist them with their toughest projects, Andrew is an amazing Linux support and management engineer.

    Andrew has an extensive project management background having worked with major information technology and telecommunications around the world. Consistently recognized as a top performer, Andrew has extensive experience developing business relationships and partnerships with companies and organizations in multiple industry sectors.

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    Pooja Shah

    Ms. Shah is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Pooja is skilled in open source tools, PHP, Databases, Python, AWS, Javascript and HTML. Pooja is a strong information technology professional with a MS focused in Computer Science from Polytechnic University.

    Pooja focuses on the infrastructure on our site and is constantly exploring new open source technologies to use with our clients. Ms. Shah enjoys writing on malware, ransomware, and likes to moderate the site by participating in the conversations and watching for any issues that may arise.

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    Dave Wreski

    Mr. Wreski is a focused, resourceful technology executive and entrepreneur, recognized for innovating and bringing to market next-generation technologies and approaches to address difficult industry challenges. Dave has a proven record of success in developing and implementing strategic and cost-effective Internet security solutions using open source to improve corporate computing infrastructures.

    Dave loves nothing more than crossing an item off his to-do list, except possibly playing with his camera and improving his craft. He drives the editorial planning and execution of content on LinuxSecurity.com.


    Editorial Mission

    To serve as the central voice of Linux and Open Source security news with content driven by the security needs expressed by our community of readers.

    LinuxSecurity.com strives to provide objective and helpful information about security as it relates to the fast-growing, revolutionary open source product that is Linux.

    Our History

    LinuxSecurity.com was first launched in 1996 by a handful of Open Source enthusiasts and security experts who recognized a void in the availability of accurate and insightful news relating to open source security issues. Led by Dave Wreski, who currently serves as chief executive officer of Guardian Digital, this group has grown into a global network of collaborators who devote their time to gathering and publicizing the latest security news, advisories and reports relevant to the Linux community. Headquartered in Guardian Digital's offices in Allendale, New Jersey, LinuxSecurity.com's editorial and web development staff also creates feature articles, commentaries and surveys designed to keep readers informed of the latest Linux advancements and to promote the general growth of Linux around the world.

    Contact Us

    If you have a question, suggestion, or feedback, send us an e-mail here: info@linuxsecurity.com. If you would like to contribute to the site, send us articles, links, resources, and so forth to: contribute@linuxsecurity.com

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    Keep in mind that if this site ever gets compromised, the public key could be compromised as well. Revocation notices will also be posted here, should the key be compromised, and only then should you trust any new keys appearing here. See our Documentation and Encryption section for information on PGP and public keys.

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