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Establishing a Root of Trust in Embedded Linux and IoT


With IoT, 5G and embedded devices becoming a larger part of everyone’s daily lives, security—and more importantly, trust in our technology—is on everyone’s minds. Embedded devices don’t have a good security track record; the last several years saw a significant number of high-profile hacks that could prevent people from widely accepting IoT into their homes. 

BusyBox flaws highlight need for consistent IoT updates


Security researchers have found and reported 14 vulnerabilities in the BusyBox userspace tool that's used in millions of embedded devices running Linux-based firmware. While the flaws don't have high criticality, some of them do have the potential to result in remote code execution (RCE). These flaws highlight the need for consistent IoT updates.

Linux Foundation creates standards for voice technology with major partners


The Linux Foundation is teaming up with companies like Target, Microsoft and Veritone to create the Open Voice Network, an initiative designed to "prioritize trust and standards" in voice-focused technology. Linux Foundation representatives said the Open Voice Network would support the platforms by "delivering standards and usage guidelines for voice assistant systems that are trustworthy, inclusive and open."

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