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Fedora 35: microcode_ctl 2022-b7d8dcefc5

- Update to upstream 2.1-37. 20220809 - Update of 06-55-03/0x97 (SKX-SP B1) microcode from revision 0x100015d up to 0x100015e; - Update of 06-55-04/0xb7 (SKX-D/SP/W/X H0/M0/M1/U0) microcode from revision 0x2006d05 up to 0x2006e05; - Update of 06-6a-06/0x87 (ICX-SP D0) microcode from revision 0xd000363 up to 0xd000375; - Update of 06-7a-01/0x01 (GLK B0) microcode

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